The failure of the Dell Streak may havesaid us other than but it appears there is a demand for giganticsmart phones or tiny tablets later all and that folk have no troubleextending their hands and pockets as long as the device in questionis great.

This is being proved by the strongdemand for the Samsung Galaxy Note of which 5 million handsets havebeen shipped till now. It is however not as good as few of the otherfamous handsets out there, having Samsung's own Galaxy S II butconsidering the phone's quite odd dimensions we think the phone isdoing quite considerable.

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The phone will be going on sale inJapan soon, which is certain to foster bolster its sales. The phonewill be proffered on NTT DoCoMo's LTE network and will be sold underthe name 'Docomo Next Series Galaxy Note SC-05D. Anyway, if you thinkhumans are the just ones who look to have brought a liking for theGalaxy Note, here is a video of an elephant clearly in love on thephoneblet.