Motorola's schedule afforded a broad Q2target for the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Motorola RAZR.Individual from the DroidRzr forums have reported that they havereceived a test update from Motorola, one was as well form sufficientto share the update on the rest.

The update has a build edition 6.14.75.XT912 and takes the Android version to 4.0.3. It will be availablefor all Motorola RAZR and RAZR MAXX units , as early as the testingis complete. The testing is done by chose users - members of theMotorola Feedback network - to make certain all will go in smoothmanner on the public release. It is not clear how long this examiningwill bring, but there is a potentially that users will be able tosetup the update via unofficial means.

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The firmware was available for downloadsoon, but was after pulled because there are troubles on slopeloading it. You can keep an eye with the forum thread for results tothe trouble. As well the jump to the latest major Android edition,Motorola RAZR owners can seem forward to a completely reworked userinterface, having an updated webtop UI. The radio firmware has beenupdated as well.