A latest application lets iPad users feels a Windows 8 tablet with the Metro UI right on their Apple machine. The Win8 Metro Testbed application arrives from Splashtop, who has created numerous desktop streaming applications for both iOS and Android machines.

The application realizes the native touch display motions of a Windows 8 Tab, such as swiping left and right to alter applications or

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start the Charms menu. In addition, pulling down from the top of the screen closes an application. And swiping slowly across the display can permit 2 applicatoins to function side by side.

The Win8 Metro Testbed application does add few limitations such as the deficiencies of iPad camera support. It too functions at the native answer of the iPad 2 through default - 1024 x 768 pixels - and must settings be a to permit characteristics like functioning 2 applications side-by-side. With no Windows 8 tablets in build until after in the year, the application is the closest we are probably to acquire to a Metro UI tablet for a moment.