LG production of the Nexus 4 have stopped to production capacity for other smartphones incommensurable. Two months ago was the first device developed by Google and sold since then was just another day available.

The rumor sounds unlikely but given the events surrounding the marketing of the Nexus 4 nothing seems impossible LG should have stopped the production of the Nexus 4, because the company needs its manufacturing capacity for new smartphone models reports the British International Business Times without naming a source for it.

The Nexus 4 was developed by LG and Google mid November 2012 and was supposed to come on the market. On the first day of sales it was within 30 minutes out and just since the beginning of December 2012 again ordered. The bulk of these orders but was not delivered until several weeks after the order. There is the assumption that by the end of 2012 from the Nexus 4 with 16 GB of only 375,000 units were produced for the entire world market.

In electrical markets Saturn and Media Markt will be getting the Nexus 4 sporadically but only at an additional cost. The price is lower in the Play Store. However at present completely unknown when the Nexus 4 in the Play Store will get back. Google currently has on user reports not even enough supplies to create a exchange defective device to.

The features of the Nexus 4 is given the Google play price compared to other smartphone competitors lush. Google itself had declared that the company was surprised by the interest in the Nexus 4th Perhaps Google has no interest in selling the Nexus 4 in high numbers. Because the Nexus 4 is sold at a very low profit margin in the Play Store. Other manufacturers of Android smartphones could disrupt because their devices can not offer at such low prices, such as Google.

The International Business Times also claims that LG already at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February 2013, a successor to the Nexus will present the fourth On the successor model to run a newer version of Android and the device should have a quad core processor, 2 GHz. Also this rumor seems unlikely, because the Nexus 4 was just introduced four months ago. However Google had already with the discount of the Nexus 7 for surprise and annoyance for some customers worried two months after the launch of the Nexus 7 in Germany was the list price of the 7 inch tablets lowered. Who had bought the Nexus 7 at the outset, got the impression that they bought too early.