Black Berry has released the Dev Leader C program at its BlackBerry Jam in Amsterdam to help designers considering porting or creating programs for the Qwerty-keyboard-packing Q10 program. The Dev Leader C cell phone operates at a show quality of 720 x 720 on a 3.1-inch show, which suits exactly with the shrunken edition of Black Berry 10 that will end up operating on the as yet unreleased Q10.

The cellphone is pretty block and dense but not large. We do not have dimension details yet, but we think about the Q10 will be much more lightweight. Having a actual key pad is a bit odd, especially as we are now used to the reasonable all touch interface on the Z10. Blackberry 10 itself seems as if it's had the end sliced off it in some areas.

The key pad is also back lit which is a awesome contact. Just below is the Dev Leader C company brand personalized into the flat complete of the product. Above the show is a front-facing photographic camera, with another photographic camera on the returning and a show next to it. On the right hand part of the cellphone is a amount musician, with the secure key on the top. The actual place of control buttons on the product suits the Q10 exactly, as obviously designers will be using it to analyze programs that will gradually go for selling for the Q10.

A fun little cellphone but nowhere near as awesome as the red Z10s doing the units at the Black Berry Jam designer meeting these days. To implement for the product designers have to publish more than two programs to be given concern seeding for the Black Berry 10 Dev Leader C. Of those designers 1,500 will be identified on the following factor program.