The features of this phone Nokia are those of a mid-range smartphone. The design candybar, however, the most suitable to contain the large LCD screen of a device Full touchscreen. Outside of a few buttons, in fact, all the inputs may come from a touch-sensitive controls or the stylus provided.In line with the level of the product is the camera of 2 megapixels.

Nokia 5228 supports connection to the four bands of GSM network and data exchange are set to GPRS EDGE. Not being compatible with the latest generation networks the maximum download speed can be equal to 296 kbps while the upload of 177 kbps. The phone is able to connect in waysBluetoothor USB cable to a laptop for work as a modem. The 3.2-inch diagonal screen size and direction of orientation of the images is governed by accelerometer built into the phone.

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Nokia 5228 is available in white, silver, white and blue-black. It 'also can customize it with interchangeable colored covers for the battery. The buttons are dedicated to the camera, volume control, power on and off, and the management of calls and menu. With a weight of 113 grams, measures are: 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm.

The graphical interface of Nokia 5228 is customizable. You can set icons, shortcuts and menus to suit your preference, in addition to varying themes, wallpapers and ringtones as commonly happens. The phone supports Java applications, ring tones and displays the video e-mail attachments in formats doc, xls, ppt and pdf. There are also calendar, notepad and address book which combines the most advanced e-mail addresses to the contact card with photo.

The camera takes pictures with a CMOS sensor with two-megapixel resolution and saves them in jpeg format. The camera does not support flash, video also lets you make an hour and a half, provided there is enough available memory. Even the video can be edited directly on the phone.