This is a phone Nokia not among the most technologically advanced and is targeted towards those looking for a compact device to make use of almost standard, but without being subjected precluded the use of mobile e-mail, access to social networks and the ability to take photos to print or share.

Nokia 7020 supports GSM bands 850, 900, 1800, 1950 Mhz for voice and GPRS protocols and EDGE for data traffic with a maximum download speed of 296 kilobytes per second and uploads of 177. Well away, then, from several megabytes per second, which today also give mid-range smartphone.

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With its clamshell design, Nokia 7020 manages to contain its size to 91 mm high and 47 wide, without being overly often. The latter figure is 17 mm.The dual display also avoids having to open each time to control notification. There are two available colors: Graphite sober one, much less the Hot Pink.

To navigate the Internet, using the Nokia 7020 Opera Mini 4.1 browser, e-mail support OviMail, Windows Live Mail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail and manages attachments. If you plan to use satellite navigation, you need an antenna satellite navigation outside. Other features of the phone are the speakerphone, the voice dialing and the three-party conference participants. The internal memory is 60 megabytes, but this is expandable with microSD cards up to 16 gigabytes.

Nokia 7020 has a 2 megapixel camera with CMOS sensor and magnifies images up to four times in addition to being equipped with autofocus. An image editor is installed on the phone that comes in handy when it uses the PictBridge connection.