Cool Convention
Nokia's E series has been known to dole out some impressive devices to cater to the 'enterprise' related needs of its users. But considering the fact that features that were earlier tagged as enterprise are now mov*ing to the masses and Email has become as cool for a collegiate as it was useful for a CEO, 'E' series by Nokia has also moved into providing affordable offerings to its consumers. Nokia E63 was one such device and the latest in this series is the E5, which comes power-packed with features and stays conventional or rather 'E-ish' in style. This is a QWERTY bar phone, whose front panel has a 2.6 inch landscape screen and a big comfy D-pad right below it.

On the left of the D-Pad we have the menu, home and calling key and on the right are the contacts, messaging and call end buttons. Below the navigation controls is a QWERTY keypad with slightly larger keys, which arc very tactile to use. The left spine is completely bare and the right one has the volume rocker. Charging port and 3.5 mrn jack are at the top. There are two push buttons on each side of the phone to unlock the battery cover. The microSD card slot is under the battery, so you cannot hotswap it.

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The back panel hosts a 5.0-megapixel camera with LED flash. Its not a surprise that Nokia has adhered to convention when it comes to the phone's looks and design .. It's a bit thicker than the iconic E7l, but if someone is looking for an affordable E-series phone, this one fits the bill.

Symbian Prowess
Nokia E5 runs on Symbian 9.3 operating sys*tem along with S60 3rd edition UI Feature Pack 2. The homescreen has an active stand*by mode, where you can access a number of features from the home screen itself.