It is the cheapest Nokia solution following in the footsteps of Nokia 1200/1202. The positioning of low cost models is pretty straightforward and you can describe the target audience in several lines. This is a phone for calls if you do not need anything else from the model. It can also be interesting for people who want to spend on handsets as little as possible.

1000 series was always very laconic in terms of offered colors. The choice was often limited by black and sometimes elements of silver were added to the body. 1280 initially sports four colors black, blue, grey and red. All colors look interesting.

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The phone is compact 107.2 x 45.1 x 15.3 mm and weighs 82 g (2.89 oz). The model fits any hand well and causes no discomfort. The body is made of average quality plastic, but you cannot expect miracles from one of the most accessible models on the market. The built is above criticism as all components fit tightly without any looseness or squeaking.

Big rubber buttons are joy to work with. Each press is nice and effective. Keypads on 1000 series were always top quality and this model is not an exception. Traditionally the model boasts a small 1.3″ (29х23 mm) black and white screen with 96х68 resolution. Information on it looks legible and can be read at all times even in the sun. The backlight is grey and blue.