Nokia expects budget handsets to conquer a good half of the world phone market and tries not to lose its leadership in this niche. When releasing consistently low cost models, the company introduces new indexes and presents well known solutions a little updated and in slightly modified casings. Nokia 1661 underwent such a cosmetic update with latest figures interchanged, the cost lowered and now we see Nokia 1616.

This phone is suitable for those looking for a simple handset for calls with a color screen and a radio. It is a good device for couriers and other similar professions. Also it will appeal to people who want a solid, reliable phone that does not make you feel sorry in case of its loss.

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The model comes in 4 color schemes – black, dark blue, dark red and dark grey. All color combinations come with blue plastic insets on the sides. The materials are not expensive, but you can’t expect anything better in a device so cheap.

The 1616’s dimensions are not bulky (107.1 x 45 x 15 mm, weighting 78 g or 4.22” x 1.77” x 0.59”, weighting 2.75oz) and is comparable with other One Thousand Series Nokia phones. The handset fits in the palm of a man’s hand and thanks to its size it will be easy to carry the 1616 in a shirt or jeans pocket.