Nokia has jumped on the cheap sensor phone bandwagon. Lacking alternatives to the S60 platform, they are revising their first model in the lineup, the Nokia 5800. The first junior offspring became known as the Nokia 5230 (also available as the 5235 with a music subscription service). It has fewer accessories in the box, only one loudspeaker, no 3G support, revised casing, and no stylus.

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The Nokia 5228 was created with that objective in mind. The model was supposed to become the cheapest sensor solution in its segment. That is, the cheapest Nokia solution, of course. The company could have lowered the price of the existing Nokia 5230 without any real problem but in that case it would have to compensate the price difference to the partners under the terms of the price protection agreement.

The 5228 model is an exact copy of the Nokia 5230. As before, the casing is made of plastic, and the build quality is not bad. If squeezed a little, the phone shows some flex, but it is within the reasonable limits. Compared to the Nokia 5800, the inside clasps have been changed, making the casing more solid; nothing comes off, and the clasps themselves are fairly reliable.