They tried to make the Nokia E5 look as good as the Nokia E71/E72 on the shelf. Can you guess how they did it? The answer is simple: metal casing. Yet it is too expensive to use a lot of metal in a low-end device, and they had to resort to some tricks. Metal was used for the battery cover and the block of main controls.

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The rest of the casing is made of plastic, which is quite decent. It is matte and won't grease or scratch easily. Usually, I have complaints about the build quality of Nokia's new models, but in this case they did try their best to make a rock-solid device. And I think that they managed that in some way. Obviously, everyone has his or her own standards of build quality and materials to be used, but personally I don't have any complaints. There are some stickers on the battery cover, which make it sit tight.

Phone manufactures have one little secret that I will share with you. The cheaper the product, the more color options it has. Color variety is the lot of inexpensive models. For instance, you will never see a lot of color options available for a flagship; it is simply not the way things are. However, there may be an exception when a company is not sure if its product is going to be popular and thus makes several colors available from the very beginning and not as updates. But let's get back to our device.