Best' is a tag that everyone vies for, be it a film star, a cricketer or even a mobile phone. While it might be comparatively easy for us to make an opinion on the best film star or cricketer, evaluation of mobile phones can be a dicey task. There are so many different features and aspects that you need to evaluate. But in the end, we did manage to pick up a few devices that really stand apart in the madding crowd of handsets. These are devices that have carved a deep niche for themselves; by their versatility and
appeal, they hav?, aged to set new standards for the handset industry. They are the real trailblazers, and quite often they h e managed to cast a new glow on the reputation of their parent company.

In the first issue the year 20ll, we bring you the best among the rest from 2010 in various categories from the mobile handset industry. 111ese are the trailblazers of 2010 that stood out in terms of outstanding features and impeccable performance. 111ese are the stars that made the year that was.


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In the entire mobile handset market, the segŽment that saw the highest growth was the one that catered to the low end users. We are talking about handsets that typically cost less than Rs 5,000. This was also the segment where we saw majority of new handset brands emerging and vying to grab the biggest piece of the pie. TIle crucial USP of this segment was affordability and the brands fought

to bring more and more features into cheaper and cheaper phones. Such stiff was the competition that even 3G phones priced under Rs 5,000 were launched in 2010. However, when it came to the right quality, features and style, only one of the upcoming brands was able to make it to the nomiŽnees list and that was the Zen 212. Global brands Samsung, LG and Nokia still score high, when it comes to getting quality and features combined with affordability and the winner in the affordable phone category is the Nokia 2690. The phone was an instant hit when launched and was touted as Nokia's answer to the growing crop of indigenous brands. An Edge phone that combines B1uetooth connectivity with VGA camera, stereo FM radio, GPRS and Email, Nokia 2690 also woos customers due to its great style.

t is difficult to imagine Indian culture without a hefty dose of music in it. Be it a college student plugged into his phone's music player or a village farmer blaring Vividh Bharti on his phones loudspeaker while working in his farm, it won't be wrong to say that our music makes us tick. Handset

makers have to focus acutely on musical qualities of their phones in order to sell in our markets. And here are the few music phones that swayed the hearts of the millions and emerged as best phones in the music category.