Nokia E series with middle and senior business smartphone with full support of features.Current policy allows Nokia E-series products on the Internet to a wider market. The price is trimmed without compromising advanced features, of which Nokia E5-00. I'm trying to Nokia E5-00 in terms of design, camera, audio, Internet and its functions.

In the grip of your hand processing and it does not weigh too light, making it ideal when used with two hands during the operation of the QWERTY keyboard. Material used quite awake quality materials in the Nokia E5-00 PVC-free and nickel used on the surface side so that the environmentally friendly products. Qwerti keyboard plastic abrasives in addition, there is also made microUSB jack for audio and 3.5 mm at the tip, the volume button on the left side of the phone, and 2 5-way navigation button. There is also a hook to open on the back.

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E5-00, Nokia camera is capable of producing images up to 5 megapixel and VGA-size video MP4 format, but only display 15 fps (frames per second), the result may be blurred in the video recording while driving. The speakers are separate from the earpiece to create the Nokia E5-00-sound output as it sounds strong and powerful, Shazam, which serves as a music library, OVI music, FM radio is the advantages of Nokia E5-00 audio available .