The very nature of professional Nokia E75 and its business applications die clash with the colors to some extent, new and original, in which this device is to be commercially available.*In particular, the shell, Nokia E75 can be colored Red, Yellow or Copper, but also in more classical and traditional Silver Black. The older version is still marketed as red. Apparently the model appears to have design standards, but in reality the structure is sliding horizontally and a full QWERTY keyboard is revealed, which is combined with the numeric keypad of the frontal zone.

Many and varied are the potential of Nokia E75, especially with regard to multimedia and additional resources.\It may signal the presence of the first integrated browser-type client, the so-called A-GPS.*In terms of the musical rather not miss the music player compatible with AAC, MP3 , WMA, or the radio FM frequencies available from 87.5 to 108 Mhz.

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Even functions such as photos are likely to be implemented in a Nokia E75: This is in fact a camera integrated digital, which reaches a maximum resolution of 3.2 megapixels. The maximum size image that can be gained is therefore of 2048x1536 pixels, with storage in JPEG / EXIF. The instrument is equipped with internal flash photography with a range of 1 meter, autofocus and digital zoom of maximum capacity of 8 magnification image.

New colors, including yellow and red, for professional applications that parallel those most normal activities, weight a bit 'above average and structure with sliding full QWERTY keyboard.*Here are the prerogatives of the new Nokia E75 business device inserted in the range of the Finnish manufacturer, but still usable for different purposes.