Quality comes first

Nokia XI-OI too is a Dual SIM device and it supports two GSM SIMs at a time and both the SIMs are active at the same time. Though it's a Dual SIM handset, but it has only one calling button. When you arc trying to make a call, the handset will prompt you to select the SIM you want to use. All the contacts and messages of both the SIMs ate in one phonebook but it's well illustrated from which SIM they belong. Both the SIM slots arc under the battery of the handset. However, the micro SD card is hotswapable.

It is smart looking mobile and most part of the gadget is made of shiny plastic and the back part is in dark grey colour. The build quality of the handset is good.nle back panel is curved, which makes it easier to hold this mobile. TIle main panel of the handset has a 1.8 inch screen. Just below the screen is the square shaped navigation button.

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Music world

Despite being economical, the handset docs not disappoint in the music front. One can play, stop, rewind and forward your songs through the music shortcuts keys itself Even the sound quality through both loudspeaker and earphones was good. -me handset also allows you to create your favourite playlist under the My Favourite option.

Apart from that there was also an option of repeat and shuffle songs. Apart from the music player, Nokia Xl-OJ also has an FM radio. llle FM reception of this handset is good and one can pre save up to 30 FM channels in this handset. One can also select FM radio as an option for alarms. Though there is no shortcut key for FM but one can set it in the navigation short*cut key.