Hours.Finer details start deterio*rating only after ISO 1600 while shooting outdoors. We did notice a slight amount of colour cast around the sharper edges while shooting in the macro mode. Indoor shots started showing noise even on lower ISOs. Single shot auto focus is blazingly fast and is one of the major plus points for street photography enthusiasts. Movie mode sup*ports continuous AF and were no jerks even at highest resolution. At 39,900 this is certainly priced higher than most entry level DSLRs but we feel it makes for a great entry level DSLR.

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Symbian Anna has made its way on to this device, and we can see a lot of performance improvements when compared to the Sym*bian 3 OS.The interface is slicker, apps respond better, and the phone doesn't slow down often. However, the Social net*working app and widget are a huge disappointment, and you still need to download the Chat application to get access to Gtalk, Windows Live and Yahoo messengers. The 8MP camera is very good, and works very well even in low light conditions. Now that is a serious surprise!