If you have ~20k to spend on a touchscreen smart*phone, the choices are just endless. A gamut of solid Android phones- Sam*sung Galaxy S i9003, Samsung Google Nexus S and the LG Optimus Black, are available. Plus, let us not forget that the ageing Apple iPhone 3GS is now available for around n9k after the recent price reduction. The Nokia X7 handset looks superb. It's edgy with the corners angling inwards giving it quite a futuristic look. The sides are also at an angle - curved inwards towards the rear panel. It seems like there are speakers hidden away on all four angled corners, but actually, there are only two - the other two are evidently for uniformity. The mixture of plastic and aluminium does gi ve the phone a classy look.

Carrying forward from the trend set by the Nokia N8, the SIM card slot is on the left side, and so is the microSD card slot. Push them in from one side, and once the other end emerges, pull it out! This mechanism isn't very smooth to operate. What we don't really understand is the point of such a design. There really is no other way of putting this - the X7 isn't a performance phone at all. A 680MHz processor with 256MB of RAM is a bit of a dis*appointment. While some may argue that the Anna update has changed things, the reality is that this change has only hap*pened up to a certain extent.

Moving beyond this dis*appointment, the 4-inch AMOLED display is quite good. Colours are appreciably distinct, but do lack a bit of punch in terms of vividness. The crispness is quite good, and shows in the clarity of the text - reading text on websites, for example is a pretty good expe*rience. The brightness is quite solid, so much so than, it up too much may lead display becoming unCOlt able to use. The u pda ted web brOil one of the really good thi come out of the Anna upd:
Web pages render quicker smoother. Pinch tozoomw in a smoother fashion and text generally fits well. The old feeling continues from Nokia E6!

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The X7 does tend tobeco bit hot when browsingthe or while chatting on the phc for a long time. And the me back does induce someslI on ones palms. Battery backup is verYgrA and full marks to Nokia here.Th X7 offers two full days of usage more than what we bargainedfc Symbian Anna is like a completely new OS, in saInI respects. The Anna updateha\ gone a long way in bringing it closer to Android. The perˇ formance has improved appreˇ ciably. However, Nokia's Social app needs a complete overhaul - poor design, literally no canˇ fiurable features and no integraˇ tion with the contacts.

The Nokia X7 is quite a unique looking phone, and kudos to Nokia for finally getˇ ting aesthetics right, at least for the most part. At 20,000 bucks, it lands slam bang in the hottest price bracket in the smartphone market - and therefore also has to contend with the most competition. Unfortunately it doesn't stand out in its price segment. Symbian Anna gives the X7 an edge over the N8, (in terms of performance), which while part of a different series could be called a spiritual predecessor. It is strictly for those who find its looks appealing, or Symbian/ Nokia aficionados.