The design of the Nokia 701 may not beparticularly exciting, but it has its rounded forms and a flattenedlower front end on a certain autonomy, which can miss many othertouch screen models. Overall the phone is simple and elegant, it isreminiscent of the previous Nokia C7. Likely to find a reason forcriticism only pedants, because the 701 is its small dimensions of117.3 x 56.8 x 11 mm extremely handy, and together with the softcurves and the battery cover made of aluminum, the phone feels reallygood. At the processing, there is nothing wrong, fit deviations areimpossible to find - there's not much better.

When Nokia will also display all thestops: the manufacturer uses a clear-Black AMOLED touchscreen, whichis the brightest display in their own words on the market.Supposedly, it radiates with 1,000 Nit (data for luminance) - the LGBlack Optimus , which stopped his Nova display to date the record isjust one of 700 Nit. Fear of glare but must have no users in everydaylife, the Nokia 701 seems more pleasant and bright even outdoors indirect sunlight can still read it acceptable.

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8 megapixels, Dual LED and re-fix onlyautofocus instead - since the excellent N8 Nokia is also available incertain models of the so-called Full Focus. It uses the cell phonetogether from multiple images from a single photo and, with the EDoFtechnology (Extended Depth of Field) that not only photos in theviewfinder center, but holistically sharp. Since there are no movingparts that need to be arranged as in auto-focus for sharp image untilthe shutter lag in full-focus cameras also is very low.