One sees immediately that Nokia wantsto initiate a new era with his flagship. The design differs radicallyfrom all previous models in Finland. For the first time themanufacturer uses a unibody aluminum case - that one knows only fromreputable MacBooks and very few top smartphones like the HTC Legend.Result: The phone is a flatterer with excellent feel and finish.Only the protruding camera unit on the back has bothered us, becausethey will be happy times hanging on the edge of your pocket.

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The display looks, the Nokia N8 is notso good. At 3.5 inches it is the same size as the iPhone 4, but theresolution is only 640x360 pixels. In everyday life, which falls onhard - but who uses his smartphone intensively, who is reading longertexts like plays or who will notice the difference. The virtualkeyboard can not fully convince.

The camera of the Nokia N8 convinceseverybody. No wonder Nokia is a 12-megapixel lens on the limits oftechnical possibilities - currently barely fit more pixels into acell phone.The photos are sharp and give realistic colors again, thexenon flash is very strong. Also videos look really good.Unfortunately, they do not play very fluid and tend to havesignificant distortion. For the Nokia N8 offers at the movies almostperfect sound. Overall, the N8 clearly belongs among the elite forcamera phones. Neither iPhone nor Android smartphones could keeppace.