In the hopes of attracting enoughattention Nokia proceeds to elaborate different lines of theirSymbian3 devices. Following up this year’s earlier release of theC6, with a novel revision, distinguished by the addition of thenumbers “01”. The Nokia C6-01 sports a 3.2” AMOLED capacitancetouchscreen with Nokia’s ClearBlack screen, which has a resolutionof 360 x 640 pixels and comprises multi-touch, propinquity, and lightsensors. The Nokia C6-01 is about (103.8x 52.5 x 13.9)mm, and also inweighs almost 131grams.

As I stated inthe Nokia C7 review, I am really fond of Nokia’s build quality.There is only somewhat about their designs and durable feel that putthem above manufacturers like Acer, LG, and Motorola in terms ofbuild/design quality. The housing for the Nokia C6-01 includes of achrome cut down surrounding the touchscreen, and a metal back typing.The use of metal gives this device a durable look, which is able toprotest dirt and scratches rather considerably.

One slight irritation is the lack of aflushed joint between the front chrome cut down and back metaltyping. There appears to be a noticeable ridge that could not gounmentioned. The back and corners of the C6-01 have a nice ergonomiccurve, appropriating the device to sit comfortably in the palm ofyour hand.

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The front of the C6-01 serves a 3.2”AMOLED capacitance touchscreen with 360 x 640 and Nokia’s ClearBlack screen. Over the display are a 10mm broad speaker grill and a0.3MP forward facing VGA camera for video calling. Under the displayare 3 back lit, forcible buttons for Call, Menu, and End. The rightslope of this device sports volume rockers, a lock switch, and camerashortcut button, while the foot of the device exposes a micro USBport for charging or PC connectivity, a small chargingconnector port, and a 3.5mmheadphone jack. It should be noted that the top and left slope of thedevice does not house any features or buttons.

The rear slope of the Nokia C6-01serves an 8.0MP camera, also a 10mm long loudspeaker. Sloping off therear metal panel reveals a micro SD port up to 32GB support, 4GB cardincluded, and a 1050mAh battery. The SIM card slot is disclosed oncethe battery is removed. It should be noted that for few cause, thebattery does not appear to lock into the back of the phone neatly. Ittook me some time to finally settle the micro SD port, like it waslocated halfway up the back of the device on the right edge. I wouldhave liked to have appeared Nokia provide instance access to thisport via a protected hatch, quite else the requirement to remove theback panel.