The Nokia C7-00 is a touch screen, Symbian 3 smartphone that was published by Nokia in October, 2010. This article will touch on the pros of the Nokia C7 to assist you find out if it is the right phone for you.

From a design standpoint, this is a good made phone. It is comparatively little and lightweight yet it doesn't feeling slight. Its stainless steel back plate, plastic sides and glass incasing gives it a identical modern appear. The screen is a ample 3.5" and characteristics high definition capabilities for good furnishing of videos and photos. Like most touch screen phones it uses the pinch and flick method to change you to simple scroll via and zoom in on things.

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This phone has many important advantages, particularly for those who require to be connected as they are on the go. It has a identical better battery life and the call quality is brilliant. The antecedently observed home page choice characteristic full affirm for Facebook and Twitter. Directly from your phone's home page screen you can update your status, post image and remarks and much more.

One thing that users may have hard adjusting to are entire of the applications aside from the good made Ovi maps. The software machine that loads them isn't ever the most nonrational to utilize and may be bedevilling to those who have utilized higher finish smartphones in the past. Essentially, once you get yesteryear the homepage choice the C7 isn't as simple to utilize as would be anticipated. It is, still, a step up from the bulk of the let down finish smartphones and hence shouldn't inevitably be passed above due to this matter.

This phone is authentic and is a properly value, still, if you are utilzied to higher end phones or if you are prone to swopping out memory cards on a regular main this may not be the correct phone for you. For those who are appearing for a step up from let down stage smartphones, while, the Nokia C7 is a better choice, particularly if the social networking characteristics are significant. What it arrive down to, as ever with cell phones, is how you plan to use it.