The slim and lustrous Nokia C3 mobile seem like an expensive BlackBerry with metallic done and full Qwerty keyboard. The C3 is planned for the miss finicking user who is more concerned in an economical phone, as fought to a tech packed set. It is present in a kind of colors and has simple to utilize one-touch shortcut keys that make the twist simple to utilize.

The set has a lovely design boasting a back plate that is made of metal and a shiny formative front, which at one glance affords a metallic appear. It is a relative twist evaluating 4.54" x 2.28" x .53" making it just somewhat larger than the Blackberry Bold 9700 and permiting it to fit into a pocket snugly.

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To make it price effective, many corners have been cut. For instance, the 2 megapixel camera does not have a flash, creating it not uutilize later dark or in positions where light is misfortunate. There is no 3G, thus connectivity is fixed to Wi-Fi. As this may suit few people, those who require online connectivity present at entire times will be out of luck. Extra, to keep the value as low as potential, the set operates on a Symbian S40 OS which lacks speed and the set eprmit no multi-tasking.

It does a better job of operating main operation like playing games, loading web pages, and navigating. Extra, main characteristics like Instant Messaging, social networking, and email are convenient and simple to utilize with the Qwerty keyboard. The keys are idealized spaced and the tool is soft, making typing a breeze.

The Nokia C3 permit for three customizable widgets present on the home-screen and has many compounding possibilities to suit the someone personality. It arrive with 2GB microSD card which can be elaborated to 16 GB, therefore there is enough of space for favorite photos or music. It affirm various audio formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, and eAAC, so playback is not a trouble. Naturally, the Ovi Store is present with loads of applications and games that can be downloaded.