Nokia X7-00 has been in talks as April and eventually created it visual aspect in some countries throughout June 2011. We bring here some talks about the phone performances and characteristics that will assist ascertain whether to put in one of Nokia’s recently launch or not.

Nokia X7-00 has been brought in with the sub-sequence of controversial Nokia X6, which gained quality due to its large storage space. Speaking of the model launched, this time the focus has been to create NokiaX7 more as compared to a music phone, like it shows a big display and a robust hardware that pushes its bar towards an entertainment mobile instrument.

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Nokia fans that are even engaged in Symbian platform and can spend money should appear into purchasing this expensive Smart phone. Costing around 530 USD with average in most of the parts, it prices may alter based on your location. Presently just 2 colors are available that can be enjoined they are: Dark Steel and Silver Steel. If we watch the plan then Nokia has definitely created an improvement in creating the craftsmanship go a serious lane. Hence the stainless steel body and contemporary completely creates this a exact appearing Smart phone in any user hands.

Proceeding on our views on its plan, we can definitely comment on the type of sounds that comes out from this smart piece of device. With astonishing and creative idea that Nokia has keep into this mobile is the placement of speakers in all four corners of the handset. Although the base speakers are the one that passes off the high standard sound the upper body speakers are more for display aim.

NokiaX7-00 is one of the 1st Smart phone that campaigns on Symbian Anna platform that takes few freshness and innovative to the phone users. In a nutshell we can determine this phone a choice that as applying Symbian platforms and are ready to spend as this is an amusement Smart phone for the people who usually enjoy to hear some high end music on their mobile.