The Nokia E6 postdates on from its E-Series QWERTY predecessors like 2010's Nokia E5, supporting the best E-Series camera still, touch screen navigation and the home screen abilities of the Symbian 3 platform. When we compare sizes, the Nokia E6 115mm x 59mm x 10.5mm is somewhat slimmer as compared to the E5, when both are longer, but narrower and thinner as compared to the Black Berry Bold 9780 and narrower as compared to the chunky Black Berry Bold 9900.

If we then compare the weight, the Nokia E6 has a comforting weight of 133g, creating it the heaviest of the bunch, on the Nokia E5, Black Berry Bold 9780and Black Berry Bold 9900 weighing 126g, 122g and 130g severally. This enhanced weight shares to the Nokia E6's look of robustness and high build standard, instead of creating it experience unmanageable.

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The Black Berry Bold 9900 on it's 1.2GHz processor beats the Nokia E5 while, only, till yet the Bold 9900 gets available for trying out, we can not assure whether this difference is deserving the as higher price.

Another area which is frequently equated is the processing power of these powerful phones, on the Nokia E6 contributing its 680MHz ARM11 processor and 2D or 3D graphics hardware acceleration on the Nokia E7, beating the Black Berry Bold 9780's 624MHz processor. The E6 is the 1st Nokia handset to arrive preloaded on Symbian Anna OS upgrade, supporting numerous advances above the initial Symbian 3 firmware set up on the Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia E7 and Nokia C6.

These have a faster web browser, improved text input, a split display perspective during touch screen typing, a portrait QWERTY for touch screen typing, novel icons and Ovi Maps 3.06 pre-installed. The text advances are invisible on the Nokia E6, still, as all text input is achieved through the physical True Type - esque keyboard. Everything of the other enhancements are present although.

Scrutiny of the OS advances supported by Symbian Anna encounters that the just actual advance on the Nokia E6 is the advanced browser, like Ovi Maps can be downloaded separately for free and the novel icons are available in Symbian next referred in the Interface segment of this review.