The E63 travels along the similar kind of element of the E71 that is QWERTY candy bar. The E63 is bigger as compared to the E71 in both width and thickness but is a shade bit shorter. Still the main difference is remarked in the thickness of the device. The weight of the instrument still stays nearly the same that is 127 grams in E71 and 126 grams in E63.

This is one of the things that surprised me the most as the E63 does not comprise everything the metal body parts of the E71/E-Series and till yet is however heavy. The E63 has largely plastic elements and also battery cover is created by plastic.

The rear cover is finger print cogent evidence because of the matte complete. The front face is even to a lesser extent tendency to finger prints merely has a glossy complete. The just part which attracts few fingerprints is the display. The battery cover removal process is dissimilar, you have to unlock it and remove the cover, while your done, suit it rear and lock it again.

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The face of the E63 has the QWERTY keypad, D-Pad, soft keys, light sensor and ear piece. With the top of the instruments are the loudspeaker and the 3.5mm audio jack. The right slope of the instrument is plain. On the left are the micro-SD slot and micro - USB connector. As everything the connectors are sealed, it secures dirt/damage. On the underneath are the charger connecter, microphone and the lanyard eye-hole. The camera module is with the rear.

The device fells rather strong and does not creak. But it looks a bit weaker in comparison to the E71. I believe the increase in thickness is the factor that creates it feel more solid. The phone is available in 2 colors - Ruby Red and Ultramarine Blue . Both the colors appear good and have good paint-jobs on the instrument. But the red looks more feminine and blue appeals to the men.

The E63 QWERTY keypad stays the similar in terms of size but it has a better seeming to it. Therefore it is however very comfortable to type on and also better as I think. The E63 has some more keys on the underneath of the keypad and the space key has acquired smaller to fit the extras.

The soft keys, shortcut keys and D-Pad stay the same. The Call End key nowadays works like the Power Key even. This creates it easier to switch off but it even creates accidental switching on or off more possible. The E63 lacks the presence of voice command and volume keys. I experience the lack of volume keys is a disadvantage. Most users are as to go to the slope to increase or decrease the volume before realizing the absence and looking for to other means to reach too.