The Nokia 500 is the mass production ofthe novel Nokia Symbian line, like it has the low-priced specs out ofthe bunch declared in time for the holiday shopping craze. With thatsaid, it’s no slouch, like it sports a decent screen with 229 ppipixel density, 5MP camera and a 1GHz processor, depended, still, onthe older ARM 11 architecture.

The Finns have scanted withthings as an LED flash, and the internal memory – the handset hasjust 2GB - to hold costs down. The Nokia 500 ships with Symbian Annaunlike the rest of the novel kids with the Symbian block, but isanticipated to receive a Belle upgrade ahead down the road.

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Anaffordable handset from Nokia with decent specifications and fewcolorful battery covers thrown in to hold things exciting is commonlya Finnish recipe for success between teens and in emerging markets,but is that the case with the Nokia 500. Read with our review todetect it…

The Nokia 500 is a true can dybar phonewith its narrow rectangular front, but turn it with its face toreview the 5MP camera and the speaker grill, and a great curved rearis revealed. The tapered form and soft-touch plastic end of thebattery cover, add the fact that the handset is chubby at 0.55”,create it extremely comfortable to keep and operate with one hand.

The 3.2” plain LCD screen is not withthe best viewing angles out there, but it’s bright plenty of, and,thanks to Nokia’s usual 360x640 pixels, sports 229 ppi pixeldensity, which is over average for the phone’s category, andassists when reading small text.

There is a simple lock or power buttonwith the right under the volume rocker, as well as everything thereports are housed at the top. The rear cover slides out or in with asimple click, creating it simple to swap them when you acquire boredfrom the hue. Generally, a great comfortable plan, which also rulesthe phone’s cost point a spot with the soft-touch plastic coatingwith the rear.