We have acquired tiny smartphones andthen we have the Nokia 700 - the extreme small of them everything.This one arrives on Belle with board. Nokia is slowly derivingmileage on their WP7 phones – more on the Lumia 710, than the Lumia800, but they have however not abandoned ship on the Symbian ones.Let us detect it.

Only three words can depict the Nokia700 – slim, tiny and compact. It is one of the tiniest smartphoneswe have ever held in our hands. Do not allow the specification sheetdisplaying a 3.2-inch display fool you out here, because it is moredisplay area lengthwise as compared to breadth wise. thus, the 700will feel much tinier as compared to say, a similar 3.2-inch displaythat the SE Live on Walkman sports. It is rather similar to theXperia Ray, in terms of feels, but still the Xperia felt slightlylarger in our hands.

The top includes of the 3.5 mmheadphone jack, a micro SD card slot and Nokia’s proprietorshipcharging port. The right includes of the lock button, a volume rockerand a dedicated camera button. The front comprises of the 3.2-inchClear Black n HD screen on an ambient light sensor and a closenesssensor with top and three physical buttons at the bottom. The rearhas the 5 mp shooter and an LED flash. The micro SD card is settledbeneath the battery, thus there is no hot swapping characteristic.

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This one is delicate, there is amuch more of plastic involved, and disappointingly it does not havethe similar aluminium build that we watched with the Nokia 701. Theplan is good, but Nokia could have definitely done better on thebuild standard of the phone.The 700 is powered by a 1GHz CPU onNokia’s Belle operating system. We first arrive across theiramended OS on the Nokia 701 and we rather enjoyed it. It is zippy,quick and lag-free. Even, there is rather a bit of customizationavailable for the home display and the including all layout of thephone. It is borrowed few stuff from Android like considerable, onthe most prominent one being the drop down notification bar.

While navigation is considerablecovered, typing deserves a special reference for the 700. The smalldisplay size creates it near impossible for you to type smoothly withthe phone. Too much thus that we would not be surprised if you wouldhave a particular game on your friends like to who creates the mostmistakes, though typing. The ‘longer’ display creates certainthat it is more tough to type in portrait mode. Social integrationhas been done considerable, but tell you are one of those Twitteraddicts, then again typing becomes a major matter.

The media interface sports a similarfeel to the one we watched with the Nokia 701, and there is a bunchof preset equalizers like considerable. The phone backups MP4, H.263and H.264 video formats and MP3, WAV, еAAC+ and WMA audio formats.We did not acquire a pair of headphones with our review unit, but the700 drivers proved to be fairly good with our test headphones. Theloudspeaker is good plenty for personal listening.