Later losing a big chunk of the marketto our Chinese brothers, Nokia has eventually arrive up on a exactdual-SIM, dual-standby device. In the present scenario, the phone notjust has to fight off nameless Chinese rivals, but even emergingIndian brands such like Micromax, Spice, and MAXX Mobile. Past glorywould not assist Nokia sell its handsets any more. With the otherhand while, the company however has the advantage of its reputation,earned for its good build quality. This low-cost gadget is targetedat people who favor sturdy phones.

The retail box includes a phone,charger, and earphones - also bad there is no memory card. The phonehas a classic Nokia-esque feel, and its plan is reminiscent of thegood old times. The device has a modest plan scheme, comparable toyesteryear's boast phones. While you would not love it for itsaesthetic appeal, no one will dislike it either.

The mobile is created by good qualityplastic and feels as it can withstand a much more of unintentionaldrops. The keypad shares its plan on the N79 to few extent - itproffers good tactile feedback and is comfortable to type with.Moreover, the D-pad creates navigation simple.

The devicemeasures 4.3" (l) x 1.8" (w) x 0.6" (d) and weighs 74grammes. Its 1.8inch screen has pixel dimensions of 128x160, and isbright plenty to be exactly legible below normal conditions. Still,readability decreases drastically in direct sunlight. Extra, theconsidering angles are extreme limited. While a weak point, thedisplay might really be appreciated by people who purchase privacyscreen guards.

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The phone sports a VGA camera, charger plug,micro-USB port, 3.5 mm jack, and more vitally, an external SIM cardslot. Due to this, the memory card lies below the battery cover, butis however hot-swappable.

Samsung also has a some decent-lookingphones at this price scope, but most of them sport a rubbery keypadthat tends to swell later a some months of usage. Depended upon theSeries 40 6th edition, the device's interface is way better than itscompetitors. The UI characteristics an Active Standby earlier justdetected it with Symbian Series 60 handsets. It affords you quickaccess to the music player, Bluetooth, browser, etc right from thehome display. The latter, as well as the Menu view, are customizable.You are even free to adjust a theme of your choice. The icons feelpolished as compared to most low-end phones, and are extremeself-explanatory. Everything in all, the phone is very easy toacquire applied to, and will never need you to read the manual.

TheC2-00 is a dual-SIM device, and the first to sport an external SIMcard slot. Like expected, this is hot-swappable - a characteristicthat arrives in handy if you have more than 2 SIM cards. A long pressof the key brings up an alternative to adjust the favored SIM forcalling. You can even select the Ask every time alternative. Thenetwork reception is superb and there were no call drops during thetesting process. The voice at the other end was loud and clear, butthe phone leaked sound via its speaker at the rear. This means thatyou can hear the voice from the loudspeaker also if it isdeactivated.