New Wind U270 ultraportable is now seen by MSI officially announced as expected that the AMD platform in Brazos with an APU Zacate Dual Core, part of AMD's next-generation graphics and autonomy announced 7 hours.

From design point of view, MSI has opted for a relative sobriety for its Wind U270.*We found some matte surfaces inside, including the keyboard Chiclet, while the wrist is seen him wearing a shiny treatment.*The hull is coated with a matte finish color print film with discrete motifs that resists scratches and fingerprints.

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Easy Face is it a face recognition system via webcam, and S-Bar is a kind of dock positioned at the top of the screen to facilitate access to such programs, and via the shortcuts.

Something rather astonishing, MSI shows 2 different screen sizes for its Wind U270, communicating more about version 12.1 inches 11.6 inches on that.*It should therefore be careful when buying, especially if the model is 11.6 inches as it can receive two different resolution: 1024 600 as Netbooks or 1366 768 as ultraportable laptops and up to 16 inches.