If you are looking for a versatile laptop size 17 inches acquire a Full HD panel and a Quad Core processor, you might be interested in the new Asus N73JQ-TZ173V that runs on Intel Calpella platform with a Nvidia dedicated graphics card and has a USB 3.0 interface.

Video Magic improves video quality via True Theater. For his part, Super Hybrid Engine adapts the processor speed as needed to reduce energy consumption to provide the best range.

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The display resolution is indeed a perfect place to enjoy full HD content in HD as well as a beautiful space to work and play. In addition, its 16:9 format is particularly suitable for video playback and its brilliant treatment enhances colors. However, it shows about reflections, particularly in bright environments.

Multimedia enthusiasts will be delighted to find a Core i7-740QM, quad-core CPU that delivers solid overall performance (including multitasking) attended the 4 GB of RAM and which reveals all its potential in exploiting its software as 4 cores Adobe Photoshop for photography and Adobe Premiere for video.

No doubt some will regret it all the more the lack of unity Blu-Ray but at this price, hard to blame him. His party audio Bang & Olufsen in all cases superior sound quality than the average which is appreciable.