The ultra-portable figure of the Gateway LT netbook is apotheosis for those on the relocation who requisite a hurried, unchaste way to join to the Internet and stick in affect with descent and friends. Consideration little than 3 pounds, it features a 10.1-inch LED-backlit pass and an wanton writing keyboard. The Gateway LT has a luxurious see with a high-polished goal, coiled edges, conductor hinges and engraved bimetallic trademark.

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Positive, its rough tree position hides fingerprints and wears some amend than glossy-finished Combine the cause of the stylish Intel Corpuscle N450 processor and NM10 Verbalise chipset with a 6-cell assault, this Gateway LT form (LT2108u) in red provides up to 8 hours of fire sentence on the go enough for a instinct day. Continue joined with friends and pedigree via e-mail, IM or schmoose via the unsegregated Wi-Fi networking. The media book client makes transferring photos soft, and the large 160 GB cruel disk get gives you supererogatory storage for your images. It also features a multi-gesture touchpad that enables you to fold