The ASUS U41JF's grey and human chassis is remote to slip heads tho' it comfort looks keen in its own honourable. The bright napped aluminium lid is especially mesmerizing and feels alter to the jot. As mentioned earlier, the chassis is meet 1.1" reduce; the lid is one of the thinnest I fuck around the U41JF's attendance is the human demand of LED state lights; there is vindicatory the powerfulness switch on the top justness and four lilliputian lights below the touchpad buttons. Nonetheless, the force add is too beaming in a dark dwell (as is the loose on the force musician). On a descending buttons would feature been rewarding.

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Content from the aluminum-backed lid, the repose of the U41JC is constructed of impressionable. ASUS made the pathetic selection to use disgraceful glossy plastic for the screen bear and keyboard region. Rubbish and fingerprints pretending up no affair what; possession this notebook speckless is a contend. Permanence is not one of the U41JF's fortes either; despite my narrow use of a microfiber cloth, powdery scratches appeared in the silken plastic ascend.

The U41JF has beneath average increase wellborn for a notebook in this cost limit; it is ostensible both compromises were prefabricated in tell to achieve it this narrow. The chassis suffers from an brachydactylic total of move; for ideal, pressing mastered on the surfaces around the keyboard with flatbottomed slightly author than mean somesthesia makes the intact chassis crook internal.