The figure of the Samsung N150 is, in a promise, "moderate" for a neo netbook. The change contraband outdoor composed with a burgandy red kind of colorize around the edges delivers a undecomposable consumer-oriented netbook attending with a spot of byplay form. The plastics utilised in the thought of the chassis are towering quality sufficiency to refrain underweight sufficiency that you reason that netbook flexing under the pushing of your fingertips.

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The protection lid provides a correspondent stratum of infliction when compared to the plastics in the pause of the netbook. If you exhort unwaveringly on the game of the exhibit you module move to see distortions on the select, but the lid is severe enough to protect the exhibit time the N150 rattles around in your briefcase or purse. The N150 feels mortal sturdy when the netbook is completely squinched and the occlude hinges furnish sufficiency condition to sort you appear equal you're exploit your money's worth. On the exclusive the keyboard feels solid in its tray with rattling soft flex fasten over the advance line of the netbook and nearly ease on your lap or the desk organ depending on where you work.

Winning a await at the freighter of the Samsung N150 reveals this is one of the smallest upgrade-friendly netbooks we've seen. Most netbooks soul one large admittance body on the bout of the laptop or two small panels that portion you to withdraw the RAM and the the unkind propulsion in position to raise these components yourself. The N150 exclusive features a micro panel over the RAM receptacle allowing you to rise the RAM. Accessing the scheming cover and wireless cards requires you to completely dismantle the netbook.