The new 17.3 inch notebook from Asus G73SW lacking the bug that affected chipsets Cougar Point and for gamers landed in France with a first model was less than 1500 euros.Huron River under Intel platform, the Asus G73SW-TZ075V is equipped with a Quad Core processor Sandy Bridge, a Full HD panel, a Blu-Ray, Nvidia graphics card performance, system Hybrid Storage HDD / SSD, a nice amount of RAM and USB 3.0.

The Asus-G73SW TZ075V is a versatile notebook that targets gamers, but may as well allure multimedia enthusiasts and those seeking a solid overall performance.

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The least we can say is that this model has in the stomach and has several advantages to its credit, the rarest of them on the market today are probably looking towards the storage space assigned to two hybrid discs SSH Seagate XT. They offer a good capacity to store 500 GB each for a total of 1 TB, are swift as they run at 7200 rpm against 5400 rpm and usually boarded a portion of 4 GB SSD that works like a cache. All these features help to provide responsiveness to the system.

This responsiveness will be particularly appreciated by the players, the main target for this Asus laptop that integrates so naturally one of the most powerful mobile GPU of the moment, the GeForce GTX 460M. With it, it will be possible to indulge in his favorite games, latest news headlines at the time and resource intensive 3D games included. However in the latter, it may be necessary to adjust some levels of detail.