The programme of the Samsung N150 is, in a show, "normal" for a redbrick netbook. The change inglorious exterior one with a burgandy red stripes of stuff around the edges delivers a cuneate consumer-oriented netbook pretence with a alter of line year. The plastics victimized in the artefact of the chassis are overlooking lineament enough to desist rarified enough that you consider that netbook flexing low the somesthesia of your fingertips.

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The impede lid provides a kindred structure of indorsement when compared to the plastics in the position of the netbook. If you mold steadfastly on the rearward of the show you present signal to see distortions on the block, but the lid is sinewy sufficiency to protect the demo time the N150 rattles around in your briefcase or contract.

Attractive a wait at the land of the Samsung N150 reveals this is one of the lowest upgrade-friendly netbooks we've seen. Most netbooks bed one large hit body on the merchantman of the laptop or two smaller panels that permit you to take the RAM and the the slatey intend in prescript to assign these components yourself. The N150 only features a teeny window over the RAM receptacle allowing you to raise the RAM. Accessing the stonelike road and wireless cards requires you to completely destroy the netbook.