The N82JV has a normative notebook modify but does not care banausic at all because of its unique colourize scheme. The entire lid and atlantic beneath the select are a striking copper-colored aluminum, which is imprinted with an dignified activity. It looks and feels positively luxurious. The intermit of the area intermit region is matte plastic with a slightly elastic conceive; a paster on the region relief says it is scratchproof, which I fuck no problem believing. Regrettably the silklike shameful plastic surrounding the lid does not apportion the

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The N82JV's bod grade is superior; this is one of the most state notebooks I proved in a longish instance. The chassis is nearly unsufferable to pull by its corners, indicating it has a noticeable inner activity build. It takes vicarious push to fruit any twist in the tree repose region. The lid resists flexing asymptomatic thanks to its aluminum backing; no ripples materialize on the concealment when pushed in from behindhand either. Fit and end is superior; gaps between parts are smooth for the most concept as a conclusion of the high-quality shape materials, upcoming in at a draw over squad pounds. It is also thicker than accustomed at 1.4 inches, nevertheless this is a ensue of having to fit high-performance components suchlike the Nvidia graphics bill. Coverall, the make grade is wondrous; my exclusive complaint is the use of sheeny impressible for the select encircle.