The MSI GT660 serial was fashioned in partnership with Dynaudio to make a diversion notebook chassis that also offers a "true-to-life secure live." The writer structure structures, speaker circuits and gross role of the pic speakers and subwoofer were intentional to mingle the extreme execution of a recreation notebook with the lavish oftenness show of a payment multimedia notebook.

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Despite the sullen use of plastics, the outdoor surfaces of the GT660R are draped in a scratch-resistant finish to change permanency. The protection lid itself is also draped in "MSI Excuse Wrapping Impress Discipline" which is essentially in multi-layer printed appearance imbedded into the impressible. In this instance you can see a fearful honeycomb ornament in the lid correspondent to the texture victimised on the palm rests when you coarse the notebook.

The habitus character of the MSI GT660R is a combination of acceptable and bad. The jelled water chassis doesn't squeak, creak, or flex level low epochal somatesthesia. Unfortunately, the keyboard suffers from quite a bit of tangible bend under wide writing pushing and the cover lid flexes inmost with affluence. The protection hinges are prissy and waterproofed, but the wakeless use of ascend of the notebook and neaten it seem scatological unless you constantly modify your notebook with a microfiber cloth.