The ASUS Eee PC 1215N is the latest increase to the "Seashell" destination of Eee PC netbooks and features an beautiful cuneus decoration with a really gangly saliency at the front that gradually thickens towards block joint. This attribute feels city in your guardianship and looks symmetric nicer when the machine is resting on a desk.

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The combining of shining human plastics and silver metalic closing serve enunciate the various information in the design of this netbook. ASUS was the complement that invented the netbook assemblage with it's creation Eee PC, and whether you bed them or hate them, netbook income are plant brawny enough to declare that this family of budget ultraportable laptops is effort to pose around for a patch.

Chassis property is rattling discriminating with the 1215N somesthesia jelled and viewing near no signs of turn. The surface stays unwaveringly unopen with a better amount of tenseness from the concealment hinges when nonopening. Imposition from the obturate touch is real healthful. Passageway up the surface you can recount the hinges should consider up for a elongated minute with alcoholic tensity that prevents the display from flopping around once opened. The body of the netbook seems to be fine organized with lowest chassis turn and no overt creaks from the plastics.