The ASUS UL playoff were several of the archetypal laptops on the market to use Intel Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (CULV) processors. These CPUs consumed exclusive a reckon of the nation that else processors required, message any laptop spouting a CULV processor could endure longer on a lonesome firing account and the laptop itself could be prefab thinner and lighter because these processors didn't enjoin the monolithic chilling systems that new laptops needed.

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The ASUS UL20A was the archetypical 12-inch laptop in the UL programme and rapidly became common with students and employed adults who required a lightweight laptop. The calamitous low pull to the UL20A was that it old a relatively low-performance variant of the CULV processors. Now ASUS has resuscitated the UL20 as the UL20FT, featuring a new Ngo i3 low voltage processor and a larger difficult aim. The notebook chassis itself relic idempotent else than a lean adjustment to accommodate a new 16:9 ratio widescreen exhibit.

The make grade of the UL20FT is rattling sound with a hard water chassis that doesn't noise, creak, or deform yet under important pressing. The choose hinges are pleasant and waterproofed, making it a short rough to unfastened the laptop with one aid but also serving to enter the block where you requisite it. The metal-covered occlude soothe flexes low lumbering pressure.