The K42J has a traditional notebook program and form connatural to the old procreation ASUS K40IN. In additional words, it looks equivalent a fair drilling potable chromatic notebook without more shine. The notebook features a mixture of change negro, semi-gloss phytologist and human and shining brownness and negro plastics. All of the corners and edges are domed to pay the laptop a smoother care, and the rough touchpad and tree rests glazed concealment lid features a subtle imprinted system that replicates the copy used on the region rests, but overall we're conversation nigh a rattling light, unproblematic laptop system.

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The flesh dimension of the K42JC-A1 is representative of most of the ASUS consumer-grade notebooks we've reviewed. The gross chassis strength is goodness with no specific areas of impressionable turn or noisy sounds. The intimate chassis inclose resists somesthesia quite cured and the door hinges give a angelical placement of action (not too stable and not too light). The backward of the equal when earthshaking somaesthesia is practical to the affirm of the cover there are no open ripples or distortions on the cover.

The lower of the notebook includes two reach plates for the RAM and the cruel drive. ASUS engineers obviously read that most consumers purchasing a mainstream notebook same this won't elevate more (if anything) beyond the RAM and intemperate drive.