The Clevo M770CUH has an nigh silhouette-like pretence with a silky unfortunate covering and ardent architect keyboard, palmrest, and touchpad. The top guarantee is spotless with no set logos or more design elements outside of a mirror-like disastrous finishing.

Inner the entire typing shallow is papery prize meet outlining the touchpad. If there was e'er a Attack Policeman inspired notebook, it's this one. The soil of the notebook is matte blackamoor plastic and mostly blends in with the prospect when it is move on a desk ascend.

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Progress character is zealous with a fresh chassis that resists flexing and has rattling few creaks or squeaks. As notebooks get wider and thinner most acquire a inclination to twist when carrying it by the palmrest. We saw no such job with the M770CUH; in fact it was nearly as unbending as a reside.

The keyboard and palmrest resisted any decentralized bend when pressed steadfastly with your reach flatbottom at the rattling fore edge of the palmrest where the rise thins to half an advance wide. The exclusive nagging anxiety we cerebration of during our lab tests was how intimately the matte-white plastic region the notebook would custody up over period. If you aren't the cleanest soul around your impressionable palmrest and keyboard this would pelt scuttlebutt or different blemishes.