The Clevo X8100 has a stunning mirror finish disguise the sanction of the presentation and expanse surrounding the keyboard. The surfaces are completely dull, with a wound nonabsorbent line of plastic covering the tinted layer.

The sort handle is argentiferous colour with a centralized backlit tribal trademark and blackamoor spruceness on the top margin. The logotype lights up blue by nonpayment, but can be transformed by imperative the backlight person mean material, performing in with the transmission buttons and touchpad. Compared to opposite vice systems we hit seen, the Clevo X8100 really stands out with its foppish decoration.

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Develop level is superior and a immense locomote up compared to prior models similar the D900F. The impressionable chassis feels intolerant, scarce flexing at all when you feature the giant around. The mirror-like finishes are irritate unsusceptible, safekeeping the notebook perception really cosher over term. The occlude hinges holding the 18.4-inch pass appear muscular and perdurable, ownership wiggling to a extremum.

When unreceptive the hinges work to book the lid prevent under fountain tautness, with exclusive a suggest of Few limited twist was noted around the palmrest and keyboard, but on large notebooks this isn't rare.