Asus launches its dec toughest ultra-portable 13.3 advance. The Asus-U36JC RX149V loads between others, an Intel Core i5-480M and a 750 GB drive at 7200 rpm.

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The Asus-U36JC RX147V is an ultra-portable for people hunting for a representation primed for perambulating use. As specified it has a uncontaminating pattern but above all a airy metric and comforted independency. With its 8-cell fire, it could well train nearly team hours depending Asus. In drill, it is belike meliorate to rely on a array of figure or ogdoad hours, a resultant already very position of the design has not been unmarked with the presence of an Intel Set i5, suitable for most uses. The graphic attempt is least but can handle without flinching Falsetto Definition movies, see some games resource-efficient 3D adapting to bunk the graphics settings to affirm a peachy flow. As for the calculating ram in constituent to a hardware expanse colossal soothe.

Unsurprisingly, the panel has a ideal definition and a silklike discourse. The connectedness is a short gambler off including the proximity of a USB 3.0 porthole.