euros, the Asus-U31F RX217V. It runs on Intel Calpella platform with a processor Core Arrandale i3 and good storage space.

The Asus-U31F RX217V is intended for those seeking a compact, portable machine for everyday use. It shows indeed a good weight content below 2.0 Kg but it remains to know its autonomy in practice. In all cases, it delivers good performance in multitasking and common use (office, surfing the Internet) through its Core processor Arrandale i3-380M and 4 GB of RAM.

The graphics Intel GMA integrated HD processor is not a lightning war but then he will nevertheless be possible to indulge occasionally securities 3D resource-efficient as long as it decreases the levels of detail and screen resolution. In addition, it enables smooth playback of HD video.

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The screen also features a 16:9 format that is well suited for this purpose so that its resolution of 1366 768 is correct and similar to the number of models 15 and 16 inches. In contrast, a mystery about his treatment that we hope matt because he is less prone to glare than glossy in bright environments, an important point for an ultraportable.