Officially announced earlier this month, the new 11.6-inch ultraportable MSI Wind U270-030 in AMD platform with Brazos APU Zacate Dual Core E-350, matte panel, USB 3.0 and HDMI.

This model is also equipped with the Eco-tech engine with 5 preset modes including Turbo Battery + to get the best possible independence as well as to recharge quickly iCharger small devices via USB.

We thus find an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) Zacate Dual Core E-350 which delivers better performance than Atom, but is less powerful than a Core i3 380UM example.

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Coupled with 2GB of RAM onboard, it ensures proper functioning in basic use, or in the office and surf the Internet, allowing some applications not too resource intensive running simultaneously (eg browser with multiple tabs, media player playing music , word processing).

In addition, the APU integrates some Radeon HD6310M able to play videos without worrying what is HP 1080p Intel GMA X3150 incapable of Pineview Atom. If the Radeon HD6310M also delivers better performance than the latter in the game, it quickly shows its limits in this area.However, it will be possible to engage in securities not too resource intensive 3D as long as it adapts the level of details and / or screen resolution.