New portable size 14 inches below Intel platform Huron River with Sandy Bridge processor technology and Optimus will land soon on the market, Asus and U41SV U43SD Bamboo.

The Asus Bamboo U43SD benefits is as its name suggests designed in part by bamboo, a renewable natural material that makes each one is unique, at least in part design. Besides bamboo, we also find aluminum, especially at the keyboard support.

Super Hybrid Engine technology is the part for automatically adjusting power consumption as required as technology Syncables to facilitate data sharing with other devices (computers, PDAs, etc..) But also the backup.

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The Geforce GT 540M will indeed shows much more powerful than the Geforce GT 520M.Whereas with the latter must be content with resource-efficient securities 3D Geforce GT 540M is able to support many games. Still, the Asus and Asus U41SV U43SD both benefit from an Intel platform Huron River with Sandy Bridge processor, enough to be comfortable in everyday use and multitasking with at least 3 GB of RAM.

They are equipped with technology from Nvidia that favors Optimus maximum operation on the graphics Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated processor and considers real-time graphics needs. If Optimus believes that the performance of Intel's GMA 3000 HD is insufficient at any time to meet the tasks performed by the user, it then applies for dedicated graphics card Geforce GT 520M for Asus U43SD or Geforce GT 540M for Asus U43SD.