Asus expanded its family of mobile gamers with 17.3 inches G73SW TZ191V-platform that runs on Intel Huron River with a Quad Core Sandy Bridge, a Full HD panel, Blu-Ray, a powerful graphics card, two hard drives Swift, a large amount of RAM and USB 3.0.

The orientation of this multimedia notebook is manifested primarily by its optical drive that can read Blu-ray media in high definition which can be enjoyed directly on the PC screen displaying a 16:9 format suitable to read videos and especially Full HD resolution that also has the advantage of offering a good work space and recreation.

This is not all puisqu'Asus team as the model of a large amount of RAM, 8 GB, which associated with Intel Core i7-2630QM delivers strong performances in almost all situations.This couple shows otherwise well suited for multimedia work like video editing greedy and photo editing, 4 cores CPU Sandy Bridge are particularly in demand in these areas, thereby resulting in faster processing.

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The storage space has not been neglected since it amounts to a total of 1 TB, what keep many files and a variety. In addition, it is composed of two hybrid hard drives of 500 GB with 4 GB SSD module that operate at 7200 rpm, enough to provide good responsiveness to the system.

The main target of laptops from Asus Republic of Gamers that owns this laptop are the players, this aspect has not been neglected. One of the most powerful mobile GPU at the moment is indeed on board, the GeForce GTX 460M. With it, users can indulge in his favorite stocks in a satisfactory manner without having to make too many concessions in the most demanding games in 3D resources despite the high resolution of the screen.