Packard Bell launches into a laptop hex format 15.6-inch AMD platform in Brazos with an APU Ontario Dual Core Fusion C-50, a beautiful space for storage, a good amount of RAM and HDMI output.

MyBackup utility that can start with the key combination Fn + F1 can easily back up data while Packard Bell Social Networks offers easy access to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr to share and manage their accounts.

At incorporates an HDD with a 500GB capacity, enough to store lots of files on the PC.In addition, it enjoys a good amount of RAM to 4GB, which is good enough for Windows 7 Home Premium.

This laptop runs on platform with a chipset Brazos Hudson M1 but while AMD is positioning its APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) Zacate models 12 inches and over Ontario and APU to those under 12 inches, it features a Fusion APU Ontario Dual Core C-50.

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Coupled with 4 GB of RAM, it offers better performance than Atom-based netbook, but it is mainly because the right amount of RAM onboard.Because in practice it is not very swift so far, ranking only at about the level of an atom, except in applications exploiting her 2 hearts.Nevertheless, it should satisfy basic use office type and surf the Internet.

And while the Atom incorporates Intel GMA X3150 part fairly limited and in particular unable to read properly 1080p HD video, this is not the case of the graphics in this radeon HD6250M APU.