Asus laptop with its 15.6 inch N53JQ-SZ266V a versatile multimedia oriented which has a Full HD panel and a Blu-Ray. Under Intel Calpella platform, it also benefits from a Core i7 Clarksfield, a hard drive of swift and beautiful capacity of USB 3.0.

He took advantage of an optical drive that can read Blu-ray media in high definition it is possible to fully exploit directly on the PC with full HD board that boasts a 16:9 format also particularly well suited for video playback. This full HD resolution offers an important space for work and leisure but in some people, it may be too high (for a 15.6-inch) and cause eye strain.

The orientation of this multimedia notebook goes on the processor, a quad-core model which, combined with 4 GB of RAM ensures strong performances in almost all situations. Core i7-740QM actually reveals its full potential in the software taking advantage of its 4 cores, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere photo for video.

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This notebook also benefits from improved responsiveness by the presence of the hard disk. It is indeed a model because it works faster at 7200 rpm against 5400 RPM usually. In addition, it offers a nice 750 GB capacity, enough to store lots of files on the PC.

The connection is no exception and should appeal to most potential users. One finds modules wireless-n and Bluetooth audio ports, video outputs HDMI and VGA as well as 4 USB ports and 1 combo and 1 e-SATA USB 3.0 transfers to take advantage of up to 10 times faster USB 2.0 if that course is connected to a USB 3.0 device.